New Girl Who Got Her Job Because Her Dad Knows the MD to be Totally Taken Seriously

A WASTE OF SPACE new office worker who got her job because of her father’s friendship with the Managing Director will have the total respect from every one of her colleagues who’ve actually worked to get where they are, it has been revealed.

nepotism worker taken seriously no respect
Social Media Executive and 23 year-old child, Becky Dinting, landed her new role because father promised to get her a job at his mate’s company, which a qualified person should really be doing.

The entitled 24 year-old commented: “I did have to interview, but I guess they just felt they couldn’t pass me by. While I’ve got no experience per se, I guess everyone has to start somewhere.”

“I mean it’s not related, and I guess I just did get drunk and have sex with long haired boys, but I knew my gap year experience would help me, one day.”

Marketing Manager, Janet Hayes, 42, said: “Do you think I had a choice? I’ve got web developers and designers with ten year’s experience who are on less than her, but because we “need to match her expectations”, she’s one of the best paid people in the company.

“Honestly, I don’t know how you can run a successful company and be so blind to pissing everyone off.”

“Everyone hates her.”

Becky’s father, Ray Dinting, 54, confirmed: “Yeah, we just needed princess out of the house in the day time so we can get it done up. Apparently she likes tweeting so I thought ‘well, why not that?’, so Dave said he could find something for her.”

Not put off by the pressures of working life, Becky confirmed: “Honestly, I love it here. The people are really nice to me, even though everyone’s got kind of shit cars. Maybe they’re all saving for a house or something?”

“So do you know what is it we like, do at this company?”

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