Fans Split as May Teases “Brexit” End of Season Finale

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has teased the Brexit end of season finale, suggesting there will be no sequel, disappointing hardcore fans of the shitshow.

Speaking to the House of Commons, the deluded cowbag has asserted her Brexit deal is “the deal“, as MPs who’ve told her they’ll vote down her deal prepare to vote down the deal they’ve told her they’ll definitely vote down. The embattled leader also said “No Brexit is more likely than no deal”, much to the annoyance of most fans who’ve been gripped by ‘Brexit’ from day one.

Brexiter Wayne Hayes, 29, said: “The director has ruined this now. They aren’t even sticking to canon anymore. Casting Dominic Raab cast as Brexit Secretary mid-season just ruined it for me.”

“Honestly, I’ve not been this annoyed since Henry Cavill’s awful GCI moustahce in Justice League. ”

Remainer,  Becky Dinting, 23, said: “I really wasn’t into it at first, as it seemed to be more targeted towards older men, but it’s really come into its own in recent weeks, I’m loving all these easter eggs for example. I read a spoiler on one of the forums that, apparently, we’ll all get to keep our jobs and not queue up for food and medicine. We’re getting a few friends round to watch it. We’re having gammon fritters!”

Dinting’s boyfriend, Brexiter Nathan Bobson, said ” It was great at first but now it’s trying to appeal to too many people. They’ll probably reboot it in a few years. Maybe make it more grittier, darker and with more believable characters than Boris Johnson and Davis.”

“I’m imagining a self-employed manual labourer who can’t compete against Polish insurgents paving driveways for £350 quid, so he takes matters into his own hands, making rudimentary shanks from trowels and beating up black women on the tube. Eventually he gets more sophisticated and ends up going into politics to legitimise his cause, obviously, but you get the arc of that story.”

“Tommy Robinson could star in it. he’d be good in that role I think.”

“They could call it ‘Brexit Begins‘ or something.”


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