AN ANXIOUS LOOKING Brexiter is still insisting the outcome is “still worth it”, despite having paid for some Euros for an upcoming trip to Benidorm, it has been revealed.

Ray Dawkins, 62, has explained away his distinct lack of spending money as “just a phase”, offering: “These things fluctuate, so it’ll bounce back. We’re not called ‘Great’ Britain for nothing you know.”

The retired dipshit, who flies out for four weeks next month, demonstrated how Brexit was a great idea by saying: “I’ll happily pay more until the remoaners stop talking the country down, which is what’s really devaluing the currency. It’s well worth it just to stem the tide of immigrants, is what I say.”

“Anyway, they’ll still do two-for-one cocktails on the local strip. They need us more than we need them.”

Mr Dawkins son, James, explained: “There’s no talking to him. He thinks it’s “the elites and the establishment” who’ve organised a massive conspiracy to charge him 50 cents more for a bitter shandy in bloody Linekers bar.

“Nothing to do with the fact that we have to buy things with something called money. Or that our own money isn’t something people will either want or need.

“Or that it’s due tothe fact that we’ve willingly turned our back on an open market with half a billion sodding people in it.”

“Oh, no.”

After re-counting his hard-saved holiday money, a defiant Mr Dawkins reaffirmed: “Well, we’ll just stay in the hotel then won’t we, eh?

“Plenty on offer. Plenty on offer.”

When questioned on the potentially longer queues Brexit will bring about for non-EU nationals landing in Spanish airports, Mr Dawkins objected: “Well we’re not out just yet are we? Well don’t you bloody worry then.”

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