Twitter knobhead claiming moral high ground by blocking anyone who questions their bullshit

An unreasonable twitter gobshite has blocked someone who has a different opinion, it has been revealed.

Prolific bringer of drama and no-filter knobhead went on a mini Twitter tirade to his followers bragging about how he “shut down a troll” after a brief exchange where his blatant bullshit was brought under question.

Life’s terminal victim, 27, insisted it definitely wasn’t because his sweeping bullshit statements were called out. He declared: “Haha. Butthurt man went in a massive strop just because I tweeted the truth – blllockedddd!”

“This is what we do with inteolerable trolls and far right extremiststs. We don’t put up with them.”

Blocked Wayne Hayes said “I actually just asked for a reference that proved what they said.”

“Apparently that makes me a troll, a racist and a Nazi or something. And probably a paedophile, too. Fuck it, I’ll be a pedophile for the day. Just because I stuck to my point by not letting some weirdo with a profile picture which isn’t them put words in my mouth because that’s a normal thing to conclude.

“It’s almost as if they couldn’t deal with a difference of opinion. Its weird they don’t realise that their reaction kind of proves my point for me.”

“Do you think they’re likeable in real life?”

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