The British TV viewing public have welcomed news that TV political fantasy-drama “Brexit” has been granted a fourth season with a collective sigh of indifference.

The news comes after series Director Boris Johnson pitched a now greenlighted script to EU Studio execs to wrap up the saga once and for all, following an underwhelming season 3 finale.

The future of the troubled franchise was thought to be in doubt after a third director took the helm in as many years amidst dwindling viewer figures.

Economic misery fan and license fee payer Wayne Hayes commented: “I liked it at first as I thought we’d see an all-white cast, a return to indoor smoking and the enslavement of Germans. They were onto something when they killed May off, especially when it looked like that haunted victorian fella would take charge, but his superpowers aren’t that strong and now it just looks a bit …shit.”

“Is there a writer’s trike or something?”

TV critic Becky Dinting commented that a fourth season would be likely only to appeal to “hardcore Brexit fans”, adding: “The arc of the Brexit story once excited fans who were looking forward to a noir style ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ tale of self-inflicted poverty, but it’s lost its way. Johnson’s vision for the franchise hasn’t helped, there’s so many plot holes it’s hard to see how he’s going to turn things around, even with Michael Gove as screenwriter.”

Studio insiders have suggested this is their last last throw of the dice before moving onto their next project.

Rumours are that a re-imagined “USSR” script are in the works. Studio bosses are looking into install ‘Momentum’ Director Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, but he has filming commitments on his latest project, the epic sci-fi drama “Clear anti-Semitism Policy” until at least January 2020.

Becky Dinting added: “It would be set in a modern day Britain, but with no army as everyone’s either too soft or a vegan. Instead of being forced to become a plumber or grave digger, the government criminalises home ownership and makes everyone transgender.”

“It would be much darker than the much-loved saccharin-themed original.”