“Slider” loving hipsters just eating mini-burgers, it turns out

The burger-like food popular with hipsters and other smug, pulled-anything loving dickheads, normally passed off as “sliders” are actually just mini burgers, it turns out.
Flat white drinking Nathan Dobson, 28, defended his love of ‘sliders’, insisting that miniature burgers are ‘actually something else’. The massive pop-up twat said: “I don’t know what a miniature burger is ,but I promise I’ve never seen or eaten one.”

“Well yeah, you like, slide it onto the bun? That’s why it’s a slider …probably.”

American burger lover and someone who knows better than you, Chet Reynolds, said: “You guys have sliders over here? Ohhhh, I though they were just like Briddish sized burgers. But yeah, those things are just regular burgers but like, way smaller?”

“I don’t know why we call them sliders but that’s what they are.”

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