BREAKING NEWS: Man still referring to dickheads as “legend”

A 34 year old bellend is still referring to his dickhead mates and other barely tolerable humans as “legend”, despite 2006 being over, it has emerged.
lad legend
Socially challenged Nathan Bobson, 34, from High Wycombe, is believed to be at large and openly eluding to his friends using the outdated term of endearment, which went into hiding some time in the past decade.

The old-enough-to-know-better dickstain is rumoured to have said: “My mate Dave is a proper legend – he’s always getting smashed and giving out abuse to randomers when we go out. Even before we get out to a club, he usually shows his gonads to some poor bird in Yates’s. Epicness.”

The Nuts magazine collecting (probably) cockwomble added: “He’s not always that larey, though. He even started an online petition saying that Jeremy Clarkson should be Prime minister.” 

“Complete ‘ledge.”

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