Cocky little prick to “absolutely smash” interview

An overconfident graduate “will absolutely smash” his first stage interview for a manager’s job which is probably out of his reach, it has been revealed.

Articulate gobshite, Nathan Bobson, 23, has spoken of his second stage being “just a formality”, thanks to his 2:1 degree in business studies and private schooling. The entitled little wanker detailed his preparation ahead of a first stage interview, revealing: “Well, you know, I’ve got a more expensive suit than probably whoever’s interviewing me.”

When quizzed about which qualities he believes he has over other candidates, the maverick douchebag, who worked at his father’s legal practice last summer, explained: “Look, I’m like, just better than the candidates? I mean I’ve got my degree and that’s what my tutors told me I can expect, even with no life experience – £30k and a car, at least.”

“As soon as they ask me ‘where do you see yourself in five years?’ I can’t fail. I’ll say ‘In your job, but getting a promotion’. It’ll show them I’m more ambitious than the other cretins.”

“I won’t have questions other than ‘when can I start?’ or maybe ask about my bonus.”

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