“Sorry mate, I’ve got no change on me” Zuckerberg tells Kanye

Multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has told epic pop twat and new age beggar, Kanye West that he doesn’t have any spare change on him at this time, it has been revealed.

kanye zuckerberg
Replying to a plea for a billion dollars in investment into “projects”, the considerably richer than you internet baron emphasised his lack of available currency with a regretful expression and a quick pat of his front pockets, as if to demonstrate the legitimacy of his claim. Walking away, Zuckerberg added “have a good day mate though, yeah?”

Later, a visibly annoyed Zuckerberg exclaimed: “This that same twat who got a load of money from Nike for designing sweatshop-made $300 dollar ‘Yeezys’, yeah?”

“You’d have thought the “black Steve Jobs” would be have more about him than to say he’s more worthy of help than starving Africans. At least Steve gave the poor fuckers a job .”

A witness said they heard the gazillionnaire utter from under his breath: “Pfff. Standing next to a cash machine. Cheeky fucker.”

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