BREAKING NEWS: Vegetarian “not really arsed” about burger advert

A vegetarian has greeted an advert deemed “offensive” to vegetarians with a balanced sense of proportion, it has emerged.

The controversial advert dared to sell something to people who could conceivably buy said thing.
The controversial advert dared to sell something to people who could conceivably buy said thing.

Serial legume killing bacondodger, Nathaniel Taylor from Chorlton, Manchester, said he was “indifferent” to an advert which implied vegetarians are fussy and can be turned back into carnivores.

The 24 year old shrugged “I probably couldn’t muster the energy to complain, to be fair. Haha. There’s probably more pressing things in life when you think about it.”  In what could be interpreted as a moment of weakness, the granola-loving events planner did suggest there might be an element of truth in the advert “Really though, if they actually sold edible food, I might be tempted to turn back. Not for the shite they sell in there, though. No way.

The advert, for underwhelming restaurant chain, Microwave Burger Kitchen, poked fun at vegetarians with the hashtag #whineylittlepricks and the strapline “Bowel cancer. Probably better than being a pain the arse” has prompted a wave of derision among veggies, prompting an army of non-burger buying fucktards to boycott the chain. The restaurant has even apologised.

Friend of Mr Taylor, 21 year old arts student, Becky Dinting doesn’t share the otherwise normal standpoint. The steakloathing gobshite pledged to make the restaurant chain’s life a living hell and prove advert wrong “…by finding the time to tell OFCOM just how much offence and hurt this advert has brought to my life. That’s how.”

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