Five photos “not enough” to show how great life is, say childless women

Smug childless women are struggling to show just how great their lives are with just five photos on Facebook, it has emerged.

The “actually, genuinely happy without bragging about it” Facebook photo challenge is a call for all childless women to show what makes them happy in five photos, while giving the rest of us ten minutes peace from baby photos. Weirdly enough, everyone’s too busy to take the bait.


29 year old Claire Gleeson, who has a cushy downtown flat with her best mate and fellow 10/10, Stella, said: “It’s a bit weird – you’d think we’re all bored or something to do some daft pointless trend on Facebook.” the PR exec squealed “Besides, between all the sex and holiday planning, there’s just too much to do. Eeeek!”

Becky Dinting, a 34 year old spinster and HR manager from Wilmslow criticised the tastefulness of the trend. Stating that her life of city breaks and afternoon tea is more than enough reward in itself without gloating, the milfy youngster added: “We want to show our solidarity for all the mums out there who’ve got too much on, what with constantly having apologise for their kids ruining the vibe in pubs every Sunday and all that. We should probably just let them have Facebook while we have a lie in instead.”


Proud mum and keen kiddie snapper, Yvonne Downing, 27, agrees it’s probably for the best, stating: “Everyone knows Facebook is for kids photos anyway and you’re probably not a valid woman without a working uterus either. So these girls probably wouldn’t want to feign happiness with photos showing how they blow a month’s worth of nursery fees on sex-fuelled weekends in Marbella, or of their tits looking amazing in a bikini. And I can knock back wine as well as them, by the way. Just every now and again I do it, you know, to forget.”

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