BREAKING NEWS: George Michael wins court battle to bathe with naughty men

George Michael RulingProlific pot-head, George Michael has won a landmark court battle to spend eight weeks swathing in the man-cream of other convicted homosexuals who are just slightly less menacing than him.

The wantaway willyflasher has for years campaigned tirelessly for this landmark ruling, and even spent many late night evenings in his car protesting, freebasing – sometimes for weeks on end.

The Judge ruled that Michael, whose real name Theodore Faggy Popolopolopoulos, was: “Far too gay not to allow into the fun house” and hoped the ruling would help the former singer “learn the error of his ways.”

A delighted, yet defiant George Michael, on hearing the verdict at the Old Bailey, declared: “Fat fucking chance, yer honour!” before rolling up a ridiculously massive clebratory spliff.

This isn’t the first time Michael has had a to do with the authorities. In 1888, having left Wham!, a gogo group he formed with famous eunuch, Andrew Ridgeley, the cosiderably hefty singer was convicted for “turning” a los Angeles Policeman.

The ex-police official is now a really confused cock-sucking queen, who is stone, not sponge, by the way.

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