A WORKSHY BULLSHITTER who shares motivational content on LinkedIn in order to give off an image of being a remotely positive example to anyone is practising absolutely nothing about what he preachesa cursory glance at his life has revealed.

After sharing a video from actor Will Smith on self-discipline, Recruitment Consultant, Wayne Hayes, 33, who for some reason also has “husband” in his headline, because that’s definitely relevant to anyone looking for a job and/or candidate, revealed what he’s doing to avoid being viewed as another gobshite with no motivation to change his mediocre life.

He commented: “People need to understand that self sacrifice is the key to achieving your dreams, which is why almost nobody actually does it. That’s why I’m working from home today. I mean, yes it’s Monday and yes I’m hungover and on a massive come-down from all the cocaine I’ve had this weekend, but you need to do the things that make you happy.”

“The only race you’ll ever have is with yourself. I’ve got loads of followers, you know!”

Colleague Becky Dinting said: “Nobody knows what Wayne does.

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