BREAKING: Facebook Meltdown Mum Definitely a Total Catch

A COMPLETE MESS of a single mother who routinely goes nuclear on Facebook is definitely not an emotionally unhinged nightmare and is a total catch, actually – it has been revealed.

After posting to Facebook yesterday at 11:45 pm, mother of three and nailed-on lunatic, Becky Dinting, announced: “That’s it, lying scumbags and there latest skank your welcome to each other. I should of realised a leperd never changes there spots its just me and mine from hear on on we dont need nobody else.” before posting several memes of badly spelled ‘inspirational quotes’ and something wrongly attributed to Marilyn Monroe.

This month’s ex-boyfriend and total bastard, Wayne Hayes, 29, responded: “Honestly I don’t know what I’ve done, other than say we should maybe go a bit slower. We’ve been dating for three weeks, but she wants me to move in and book a holiday to Marmaris for us and her kids, which I think she might want me to pay for. I’ve only met them once.”

“Fucking Tinder.”

Becky’s friend and fellow Facebook lunatic, Claire Dawson, 29, said: “Bless her, she just can’t catch a break. It’s impossible to find a decent man because they’re all massive knobheads. Though to be fair she is a bit mental and does it all the time, lol.”

“She doesn’t actually name anyone, even though we all know who it’s about. Don’t you think that’s weird? I do…”

It wasn’t long before the mother of three’s support network of nosey bitches and other awful women who take the piss out of her behind her back offered their support, with questions like “u ok hun? x”

Miss Dinting sought to clarify the circumstances which caused this week’s second break-up in the comments section, replying: “Inbox me babe x.”

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