Bride-to-be “taking the complete f*****g piss”, Hen party confirms

The latest unnecessary demands from a miserable bride-to-be “takes the complete f*****g piss”, her bridesmaids have revealed.
Self-absorbed Becky Dinting and her beau Luke are to tie the knot next month, and the brides latest wave of demands is testing the already saint-like patience of her closest attendants. 

Bridesmaid Claire Worsley, 30, confirmed: “She’s a cheeky bitch and she’s cheap.”

“How is not my wedding costing me the best part of £500 quid and a day off work? Train tickets, hotel, my dress, shoes and now some weird fucking sash thing that the bride says she ‘needs’ …how do you “need” a whole other person to wear something awful?” 

hendooFellow Bridesmaid and workmate of Miss Dinting, Gabby  said: “We’re all fucking mugs. I’m not even counting the shit hen do which took £250 to go on before we even ordered a drink, by the way.”

“Do you know how expensive willy straws are? I don’t even know her that well.”

Unreasonable Bride-to-be, Becky Dinting, 29, explained: “Yeah I’m sure it’s cost them a bit, but they all want to share in my special day, or I’ll remember it forever, so fuck ’em.”

“Do you know how much this is all costing me? Well, not me directly, I mean my fella and my Dad, but still… I’ve done all the planning. That’s basically the same.”

A despondent Miss Worsley concluded: “How much of a knob can someone be about their wedding before you drop out, last minute?”

“…bet I’m not the only one.”

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