Man in TV advert “comes out” as McDonald’s customer

A TV advert which shows a grown man openly admitting to liking McDonald’s has gone viral, it has emerged.

Set in a Taiwanese McDonald’s, the advert features a young man attempting to open up to his father about his secret by saying “I like BigMacs.” 

After seemingly being unable to process the news, the Father leaves the scene momentarily, returning with more McProduce on which he then scribbles “I accept that you like them. But please know that fillet o fish is where I draw the line. I mean, what the fuck are they anyway? lol.”

“Also, why are we not talking instead? We’re sat opposite each other …don’t you think people find this part of the advert weird?”

The advert has been praised by charities for its ‘modern’ approach and hard hitting subject matter around acceptance and unconditional love. Becky Dinting, of ‘Fast Food Survivors UK’, said: “It’s a very brave thing for anyone to do – admit they like McDonald’s, so we applaud this advert for pushing the boundaries.”

“Openly coming to terms with who they are is something  every Maccies lover struggles with.”

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