International Women’s Day “sexist”, says complete knob

A complete dickend of a man has responded to International Women’s Day by sarcastically asking “so when’s international men’s day then?”, despite knowingly being both human and male.
Pedantic sales manager, Nathan Dobson, cited “reverse sexism” and “double standards” as contributing factors that women, who make up half of our species, have been unfairly entitled to a whole day to celebrate overcoming men.

The lazy dickwad also joked: “The Sufragette movement wouldn’t have happened if those women would have known their place – in the kitchen.”

“Seriously though, it’s because of all these feminazis who deny men a fair say and we’re all rapists and opressors if we say anything. I mean, when is it even international men’s day?”

Colleague, Becky Dinting, who overheard his tiresome bullshit, shot back: “It’s November 19th, you fucking moron. And because of pigs like you, every other day as well.”

“Except for Valentine’s Day. Obviously, lol.”

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