Unemployed boyfriend’s appeal wearing off

An otherwise sensible woman has begun to question why she is still with her jobless boyfriend, it has emerged.
Employed Becky Dinting, 26, met boyfriend Wayne last year, but has spoken of her concern that the magic might now be fading. “When we met Wayne I really liked the look of him, which was when he told me he was ‘getting into engineering’. That was fine because he’d rather we spend time at mine or whatever getting to know each other. You know, rather than waste money going out?”

“But that was ages ago.”

“My friends keep asking me ‘what he does he do again?’ and I’m kind of running out of things to say. He doesn’t seem to mind though, and just says “it’s us against the world, babe.” I’ve stopped dropping hints because it causes fights and I rather not cry all the time.”

Housemate and Nurse, Jane Hayes, 27, said “I don’t get it, he’s always here, wandering round in his boxers and being inappropriate, but never when Becky’s there. If he calls me gorgeous one more time I’ll tell him to fuck off.”

Unproductive Wayne Dobson, 25, who is in between jobs ‘at the minute’, has not had gainful employment since before the pair met. Explaining his prolonged period of inactivity, he mused “Well it’s not like I need to rush into anything. I’ve got a few things in the pipeline. These things take time, don’t they?” The evasive little shit added: “What’s wrong with me being at hers when she’s at work, anyway? We all get on famously.”

“I’ve got big plans, you know.”

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