Everything “harming our children” say awful middle class Mothers

Dickhead Mothers who want “gender-neutrality” for their kids are achieving national coverage for overreacting to things everyone else barely even notices, it has been revealed.

These entirely trivial things, which “threaten and oppress” their special fucking children, are also symptoms of our crumbling society, claims middle class MummyBlogger, Jane Robertson.

After recently making the schock discovery that the colour blue is most commonly associated with males, the halloumi-loving milf exclaimed: “So, because boys generally have blue bibs and stuff, I’m supposed to make my son watch Ultimate Fighting and bring him up to be a fucking rapist? I don’t think so.”

“I just keep imagining a future where Abraham grows up to me a man who can think of his wife as a sexual object and makes “surprise” dinner reservations without asking her first. He may as well even grow up to be good at football. Can you imagine that!?”

In surmising the root cause of pain and suffering to her privately educated spawn, the no-additives troll added: “I blame our patriarchal society. Men can’t just be people, what with all this archaic, gender-based conditioning.”

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