BREAKING NEWS: Recruitment consultant to ”definitely call” unsuccessful candidate

A piece of shit Recruitment Consultant has pledged to definitely call an interview candidate “either way”, despite intending not to, it has emerged.

recruitment consultant phone
Professional dickend and permanent recruiter, Adam Richards, 28, made the empty promise after a third stage interview, telling the candidate: “I haven’t heard back yet, so I’m sure they’re still just making their minds up. Whatever their decision, you’ll be the first one to know, either way. Don’t worry.”

Hanging up the phone, the #YOLO office twat revealed he won’t be spending a small amount of time to give “actionable feedback” to the disappointed candidate, commenting: “Nah, it’s probably gone to someone else. I’m not wasting my time on a loser who isn’t winning me the fee – I’ve got targets. Time is money.”

A hopeful sounding Nathan Dobson, has spoken of his faith in the jobfinder, asserting: “Well I don’t know Adam, but he seems like a really nice guy and not like other recruiters. After I used my holiday allowance to attend three separate interviews, I’m sure some common courtesy isn’t beyond him. Adam said I’m a perfect fit, so I’m hoping it’s good news.”

Recruitment consultant Adam went on to add: “The least Nathan could have done was meet me half way by landing the job. I’ve done my part, so fuck him.”

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