Email to wrong person “definitely not that bad”, insists sender

An office worker who sent an email to “completely the wrong person” has convinced himself it will all be fine, it has emerged.
27 year old call centre team leader, Adam Richards, thought he sent the email, which read “That fat cow Walshy hasn’t paid me again. What does it even do all day? Fancy a few beers after? Done fuck all today. lol” to fellow team leader and friend, Nathan Dobson.

However, Mr Richards revealed he mistakenly sent the email to the new Payroll Clerk, Lorraine Walsh instead. He commented: “I tried to recall it, but it wouldn’t work. It’ll be fine though, I’m sure. I can probably explain that it’s about my friend who owes me money or something.”

“Has she come back to her desk yet?”

After being sent a meeting request with head of HR and his line manager, a high pitched Mr Richards reaffirmed: “Yeah, no, it definitely won’t be about this.

No. Yeah, It’ll be fine.”

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