Trendy couple pretending not to do Valentine’s Day

A young, trendy couple who insist they “don’t do” Valentine’s Day on account of it being commercialised nonsense are secretly making plans to make it a very special occasion, it has been revealed.


25 year old Becky Dinting, from London, said: “James and I said when we first got together that we definitely don’t do it. It’s all rubbish designed to pressure you into spending money, just to prove whether you love each other or not. And who needs that to validate your relationship?”

“That said, I don’t quite know what he’s got in store for dinner, but I’ve got some naughty lingerie as a surprise for him anyway.” The optimistic PR exec gushed: “He usually buys me flowers and spoils me on my birthday, so…”

27 year-old Boyfriend James later revealed: “Yeah, I’ve not bought or planned anything because that’s what we said.”

“It’s all bollocks anyway. We’ll probably just get a takeaway and watch some Netflix.”

“Just like any other Wednesday night, really.”

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