BREAKING: Kate Winslet admits she should have drowned Celine Dion instead

Over the top English woman and star of Titanic has finally admitted, after almost 20 years since the film’s release, that Celine Dion should have been killed off as well.


Speaking to Vanity Fair, a typically over excited Winslet confessed: “I have to say, that last scene where there was no frigging way I was getting in with Leo, we could have, and probably should have, chucked Celine in as well for that awful fucking song.”

Referring to the single worst thing about 1997, the transatlantic nuisance said the release Dion’s ‘My heart will go on’ was “like a fart that wouldn’t go away”. The thespy screech also stated that James Cameron had planned for such an ending in earlier draft of the script, adding: “You know that funny bit right at the end where bubbles come out of dying Leo’s mouth? Yeah, that was actually meant for Celine. Bit of a shame ain’t it?”

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