Redknapp’s Dog to Consider Russia Job

‘Arry Redknapp’s dog, Rosie has officially thrown her tail into the ring of candidates for the vacant job of Russia football coach, stating that she would “make herself available, if the right opportunity presented itself”. According to her owner, Harry Redknapp.

Redknapp#s dog, rosie, tax
Reknapp with Rosie (left) and family lawyer, Buster.

The pooch is expected to be on The Russian Football Federation’s shortlist of candidates for the role, following Dick Advocaat’s resignation after Russia’s Euro 2012 exit. The RFF has yet to formally announce its shortlist, but it is also expected to feature Rosie’s owner, Harry Redknapp. According to Rosie’s manager, Harry Redknapp.

Earlier in the year, Rosie was dogged (…sorry) by allegations that she helped Redknapp avoid paying tax to HMRC in a court case that raised questions about the couple’s tax dealings. Both were ultimately found innocent.

The lucrative position is said to pay in the region of 10million Euros per year, however Rosie is expected to demand a big string of sausages (deposited into an offshore larder in the Cayman Islands), which is said to be a “deal-breaker”. According to Rosie’s agent, Harry Redknapp.

Speculation continues about who Rosie would appoint as assistant coach, according to her Executive Assistant, Harry Redknapp.

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