BREAKING NEWS: Obama completes “tricky” computer game.

President Obama has killed the top level “Boss” on Call of Duty, after a two year session playing the game online with senior staff. Obama, whose username is “motherfuckernumber1” eventually slayed Bin Laden after an eleventh hour skirmish left the president with just a stun grenade, a knife and 20% health.

The recent stint followed numerous failed attempts by former hi-scorer “DaddysBastardTX”, President George W Bush, who said of Obama’s kill: “You got lucky dude – just. like I did finding Saddam in that basement. lolz.”

Tributes to Obama have been pouring in from the world’s elite lesser gamers, yet the Bonus-level boss, Geneal Gadaffi, has taunted Obama saying “Do you really think you would WIN? You won’t end this shit that easily!” setting up a final challenge, as the world desperately tries to move on to Operation Iran, which is due out next year.

Bewigged, pouty Donald Trump has cast doubts on Obama’s claims, launchign a campaign to see Bin Laden’s death certificate – the president has said he would take his time again before embarrassing the “blonde” car sales man.

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